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Downing IP are an Intellectual Property firm with our Head Office based in Beaconsfield near Aylesbury. We are experts in Patents, Trademarks and Design Protection for companies from small start-ups to multi-national companies based in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.

Our patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys work closely with businesses to protect your ideas and focus on producing effective and affordable strategies for protecting your brand, invention, or design. Our Intellectual property experts work closely with you to provide advice where needed and our aim is to ensure we protect your interests at all times.

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We provide Intellectual Property (IP) Services to Aylesbury businesses which include:


Patents are grants made by national governments and protect new inventions. They give the owner the right to stop others from making or selling their invention. 

The most important part when you draft your patent application is that you get it right! There are a number of deadlines to meet throughout the process from being filed to be granted and beyond. Downing IP can help draft your patent application and when needed we will use our skills and experience to persuade examiners of the merits of the application.

Granted patents and some pending applications are subject to annual renewal fees. Downing IP will track these fees and ensure that if you want them to be paid - and the patent maintained - the fees are met.

What to do if you have a patent dispute?

Patent disputes can happen from time to time. If you have a new product or process, it is vital to check at the Patent Office if what you want to do would infringe any other patent. If it would infringe, you may be able to agree terms with the owner, or may be even buy the patent from them. Downing IP can work through this with you and help you ensure disputes are avoided.

We can also help you if someone is suing you for infringement or if you need go through any type of legal action.

At Downing IP we work with many companies in the Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire area, supporting those who have an invention they wish to patent get the best possible protection in the countries where they intend to market it.

Find out more about our Patent Services.


Protecting your business name and ideas is important to avoid other businesses and your competitors from stealing your identity, which is why getting these registered is vital to your business.

There is currently no legal requirement to register a Trade mark. But if you want to protect your brand we highly recommend you register your logo, symbol, design or words as trade marks. Trade marks are also important assets to your business as they help to identify you to your customers.

We will search marks to clear them for use, help you to choose which mark or marks to register and for which goods and/or service

We can use our knowledge to optimise the filing program and for example, we can suggest ways of reducing the number of trade mark filings or get more out of the proposed applications by carefully drafting the specification or selection of the mark to register.

What to do if you are a victim of a trade mark scam?

When applying for a trademark, during your application process, you may be a victim of trade mark fraud, where organisations send non-official invoices and letters requesting information and/or fees, which are misleading and look very professional. We can provide professional advice and ensure you are not a victim. Read our blog on IP Scam Invoices for more information.

If you’re a company in the Aylesbury area looking for help with trade mark registration and protection then come and speak to Downing IP.

Find out more about our Trade mark Services including meeting deadlines and filing your trade mark application in other countries.

Design Protection

If you’re a company based in Aylesbury looking to protect your product’s design, then speak to Downing IP for professional advice.

There are many reasons for protecting your design, the main reason is to ensure that others do not copy it or infringe too closely with their own designs.

The protection of your design will be based on its aesthetic features which can include:

  • The appearance
  • The physical shape
  • The configuration
  • The decoration

It is important to have the best and most comprehensive protection for your design. As Intellectual Property experts our expertise lies in helping to recognise the design features that should be highlighted.

There are two types of design protection that exist - Registered Design Protection and Design Rights Protection.

Obtaining Registered Design Protection requires an application that is detailed, structured and filed before the design comes onto the market. Working with an experienced Patent Attorney ensures your application meets all of the requirements.

Take a look at our Design Protection Services.


If you’re a company in Aylesbury looking for confidential advice on design protection, trademarks or patents, you can contact one our IP specialists and attorneys on 01494 422626 or fill in our online contact form.

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