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Downing IP are an intellectual property company specialising in Patents, Trademarks and Design Protection. We work with companies across all industries and sectors from SME’s to large scale organisations who would like to protect their product, idea or design.

We are conveniently based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire and work closely with many companies across the Maidenhead, Berkshire area.

Our specialist lawyers are highly regarded in the Law industry as they are able to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to helping you protect your business.

Some of the areas within Intellectual Property we can help with are:


Patents are grants made by national governments and protect new inventions. They give the owner the right to stop others from making or selling their invention. 

It is important that when you draft your patent application that you get it right! There are many deadlines to meet from being filed to be granted and beyond. Downing IP can help draft your patent application and when needed we will use our skills and experience to persuade examiners of the merits of the application.

Granted patents and some pending applications are subject to annual renewal fees. We will track these fees and ensure that if you want them to be paid - and the patent maintained - the fees are met.

What to do if you have a patent dispute?

If you have a new product or process, it is important to check at the Patent Office if what you want to do would infringe any other patent. If it would infringe, you may be able to agree terms with the owner, or may be even buy the patent from them. Downing IP can work through this with you and help you ensure disputes are avoided.

We can also help you if someone is suing you for infringing or if you need go through any type of legal action.

At Downing IP we work with many companies in the Maidenhead, Berkshire area, supporting those who have an invention they wish to patent get the best possible protection in the countries where they intend to market it.

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A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, logo or design, or a combination of these, used to identify and distinguish the goods or services of one person or organisation from those of others, or more importantly your competitors.

If you’re a company in the Maidenhead area looking for help with trade mark registration and protection then Downing IP can help. We will search marks to clear them for use, help you to choose which mark or marks to register and for which goods and/or service.

What to do if you are a victim of a trademark scam or invoice fraud

There are two sorts of fraud that we see on a regular basis. The first is where the scammer offers to do something that doesn’t need to be done, and the second is where they offer to do something that does need doing, but their cost is outrageously inflated.

Downing IP can provide expert advice and will check the invoice over to ensure it is legit and not trapping you into paying unnecessary fees.

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Design Protection

If you’re a company based in Maidenhead looking to protect your product’s design, then Downing IP can help.

The reason for protecting your design is to ensure that others do not copy it or infringe too closely with their own designs. The protection of your design will be centred on its aesthetic features which will include:

  • The appearance
  • The physical shape
  • The configuration
  • The decoration

As Intellectual Property experts our expertise lies in helping to recognise the design features that should be highlighted, in order to ensure the best and most comprehensive protection for your product.

There are two types of design protection that exist. These are: Registered Design Protection and Design Rights Protection.

Obtaining Registered Design Protection requires an application that is comprehensive, structured and filed before the design comes onto the market. This is why we strongly advise the advice of a Patent Attorney so you can ensure your application meets all of the requirements.

Find out more about our Design Protection Services.


If you’re a company in Maidenhead or Berkshire and are looking for confidential advice on design protection, trademarks or patents, you can contact one our IP specialists on 01494 422626 or fill in our online contact form.

Business in Maidenhead

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has a thriving economy with more than 7,700 VAT registered businesses, which is the highest in Berkshire. The borough is an attractive place to do business as there are excellent road, rail and air transport links and is within close proximity to London and Heathrow airport

The Local Government are keen to encourage new business start-ups in the borough and to help businesses that are already up and running to access the information they need to grow and prosper.

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