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Trademark Applications for Brexit Inspired Ideas

Brexit Tea

Since the EU referendum on the 23rd June, there has been a flurry of applications to the UK and EU Registry to register Brexit inspired ideas. 

One of our favourites is  ‘Brexit Law’ a classic example of a non-allowable trademark. International law firm Allen & Overy have applied both in the UK Registry (3172337) and in the EU Registry 15602691). Their application (currently in examination status) is to provide Brexit legal services to companies on the impact of Brexit on oversea supplier agreements. While a useful service it will be interesting to see how the application progresses.

Other more absurd applications (that have already been published) included: 
●    Brexit Blue cheese (3172684) filed by cheese connoisseurs Anthony Rowcliffe
●    English Brexit Tea (3171400) filed by German company Leisure Fun & Toys GmbH of Wedel, covers the use of the name in tea lights, teapots, tea and even biscuits
●    Brexit The Musical (3174066) has been registered by Christopher Bryant which may well be worth going to see

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