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Witches, Wizards and Light Sabers!

Welcome to the October issue of the Downing IP Newsletter. In this issue we look at the power of the big brands when it comes to trademark lawsuits and why it is also key for local businesses.
As the dark nights close in, it is time to get ready for Halloween and all things magical. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, is due out mid November, and promises to be another JK Rowling wizarding spectacular. However, for Sensible Object, a crowd funded developer it meant a re-brand for their toys to life game. Although their game branding ‘ Fantastic Beasts’, theme and content were different, their lawyers advised that it would  be a lengthy expensive legal battle to fight. They have now spent time to get the right trademarks in place for their rebranded Beasts of Balance.
However, where Warner Bros provided a small amount to help Sensible Object rebrand their game, Disney are not so forgiving, and are seeking $2m for every infringement for the Star Wars trademark. Jedi School creator Michael Brown runs lightsaber courses in the US, based on teachings from the films, however his company repeatedly requested permission to use the brand since 2005, and was denied each time, and now Disney have upped the ante and Michael Brown and the Jedi Schools need to use the force to face a costly lawsuit.

All Your Intellectual Property Questions Answered

Trademark and Patent protection is complex, so we have put together a handy series of videos to help you understand the terms, symbols and regulations.

Click here to read the Q&A.


And finally, often our stories are about the big brands, but it is as important to small business to protect their brands.
One of our clients is a local catering business who were keen to trademark their name.  We asked Andrew Fleming Managing Director of Seasons Catering why it was so important to protect their name.

‘We really wanted to add a lot of value to the business, we felt we had been working for so long, making something of seasons, there must be a need for us to register it, to protect it for the future’

Watch the video to find out how protecting their trademark has been a worthwhile investment.

Have a good month and do get in touch with any trademark, copyright or patent queries.

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