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The Proof is in the Patent - Adidas, Twitter and Ford

Welcome to the February issue of the Downing IP Newsletter. In this issue we look at the power of the patent, as shoe giant Adidas stands the test of time. We review the latest patent from Ford, allowing you to nap comfortably in the car, and see how social media titans are innovating.


Adidas puts its foot down

The footwear giant Adidas has been using the parallel 3 stripes on its shoes for more than 60 years, and is well-known for taking action to defend the trade mark.  Puma’s latest shoe is the next in line, it sports a 4 stripe design that Adidas claims will create confusion and cause irreparable harm to its brand.


Patents - the low down

The costs of bringing a new invention to market can be significant, and additional work on filing a patent can be complex and confusing.

Patents are expensive, the average cost of a putting a patent application in place is around £4000, anything less is unlikely to be robust or adequate. Once you have filed your application, you have a degree of protection for 1 year, but there will be plenty to do after that.

The best way to get the patent application process started is to book an appointment with one of our patent attorneys, they can discuss the options available and the process in depth.

Read our latest blog on why should inventors go to a patent attorney.

Snooze in comfort

The evolution and technological advancements of car design are well documented, however Ford unveiled their new patent application this month for a significant improvement in passenger comfort. The new idea is for a secret compartment within the headrest for a wrap around pillow. Motor vehicle seats are designed to prevent injury and whiplash, and previously have not been designed for napping.  This new patent application is hoping to allow passengers to sleep longer, wake refreshed without any neck discomfort.

Explosive IPOs

Over the last few years we have seen impressive IPOs in the social media tech companies. Higher levels of investment normally call for significant intellectual property holdings, however some of the social media companies have not been innovating on the scale you would expect.

When Twitter entered its IPO it only had 9 patents, with 95 filed. It now has 1700 patents, of which 900 were acquired through IBM.

Snapchat are facing with a similar battle with a need to prove its R&D capability. Seeking $22billion in its March IPO, Snap only have 46 patents filed, but are investing in the augmented reality sector.

The decision between in house innovation versus acquired patents will determine the longevity and profitability of the social media giants.

If you would like more information about patents or other ways to protect your intellectual property, do give us a call on 01494 422626 or email info@downing-ip.com


With best wishes from the Team at Downing IP

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