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Our Tenacious Team and Some Case Studies

In this newsletter we're going to be bringing you news and insights from intellectual property law, as well as interesting cases and developments happening here at Downing IP.

About Downing IP

We are an independent firm which works to protect original ideas and the interests of those who create them. Specialising in patents, trade marks and design protection, we work with companies from small start-ups to multi-nationals, producing effective and affordable strategies for protecting your brand, invention or design.

What do the Downing IP team have in common?

The pursuit of a successful outcome is something that the team has in common. Some cases prove to be extremely difficult from the outset, but that's no obstacle, as team member Martin found on a recent patent case. 

Case Studies

A Difficult Examiner

"In this case the Examiner objected to the European patent application on the same grounds with which he had originally objected to the International application. This was despite our having amended the claims and argued that the objections were no longer applicable on filing the European application. In our opinion, the Examiner continued to cite poorly-reasoned objections for his eventual rejection of the application, so we filed an appeal. We were delighted when, one year later, the Board of Appeal set aside the decision to reject the application. You can read about the ins and outs of the case by clicking here."

Trademark Registration Victory

Someone we had worked with previously got in touch to ask if he could take a look at their trademark situation. It had to do with the lapse of an old trademark, when the client had closed their original company and transferred all the assets to a new company. The advice they had received thus far stood a good chance of having them lose the trademark entirely, thanks to the opposition of someone with a very similar trademark. We took an entirely different approach, which resulted in the client keeping their registration, and rendering the opponent with an invalid trademark. Click here to find out how we did it.  

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