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Innovative patents from underground to space

Welcome to the May Newsletter. In this issue we look at benefits of filing patents and how you can be inspired by designs patterns from concepts through to production. While we often focus on the serious side of protecting patents in court cases, we need to remember the value in protecting the creative patents that are changing how we work and live. 
Move over Google Glasses – Samsung Smart Contact lenses have arrived

Google may have tied up the market with their google glasses, but weren’t quite as quick to get their patents in for the new Smart Contact lens. Competitor Samsung have been granted a patent for their smart lenses featuring a built in camera that projects the image directly into the eye. The lenses also boast antennas and movement sensors to link to smart devices. 

While Samsung have pipped Google to the post in acquiring their patent, Google have two smart lens patents pending, one of which targets diabetics and senses blood sugar levels, notifying the wearer when levels are low.

Smart lenses are pushing the boundaries of innovation, with patents include lenses that can provide 20/20 vision and zoom vision (up to 3 times), a patent to enable video capture via blinking, and the combination of recording data and receiving data, such as presenting an overlay for menu data directly from the lens. 

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Strength in the Underground

If you are in the early stages of protecting your patent, and wondering if it is all worthwhile. Take heart with the invention and subsequent patent created by Dr Benoit Jones from Cambridge University. The Strength Monitoring using Thermal Imaging (SMUTI) technique is now in production after extensive laboratory testing and on site at the prestigious London’s Bond Street Station Upgrade. 

Better yet, construction companies Constain and Laing O’Rourke are hoping that the SMUTI technique will become the primary method of strength monitoring of all tunnelling projects. 

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NASA launch Searchable Patent database

On May 6th, NASA have opened up their creative vaults to stimulate the innovation community. The searchable database of patents includes 56 carefully selected patents to those already in the public domain that are available for commercial use without restriction. 

While you may think their patents would only be useful for other space companies, some of the new technologies include infrared ear thermometers, artificial limbs and anti-icing systems for transportation. 

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The cases we have discussed in this Newsletter highlight the value of innovation and registering your patents. At Downing IP, our experts have years of experience and know the laws around patents, copyrights and trademarks, both for the UK and for overseas. 

If you are outside of the UK and need to file in the European Patent Office (EPO) or the UK IPO then we can help, call us now on 01494 422626.

Michael Downing, Downing IP

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