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Dragons, a Pioneering Radiotherapy Machine and Christmas Greetings

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The Dragons Understand the Importance of a Trade Mark

If you’re a fan of the BBC TV series “Dragon’s Den” then you’ll be aware that a “Dragon” is an investor and entrepreneur (usually well known) who has the opportunity to interview a parade of would-be successful business owners and assess their business ideas and inventions, all in the name of good TV entertainment. To be fair, the Dragons practice their craft well and have a wealth of high level business experience, as well as having plenty of cash to invest.

It is therefore not surprising to see them show tenacity in getting to the detail. In this clip you will see “Dragon” Deborah Meaden’s attempts to get to the bottom of a claim by an entrepreneur that he owned the trade mark.

It is, of course, not enough to simply make an application for a trade mark. The process needs to be seen through to completion, and registration is not automatic. Interestingly, it seems that Deborah Meaden was right – although it’s not totally clear which application is being discussed, it seems to be GB3290092, which was withdrawn following a threat of opposition by a third party.

Pioneering Radiotherapy Machine

It is always pleasing to be associated with an invention that can make a difference. The UK has just seen its first patient treated with the world's first high-field MR-linac, Elekta Unity, which has been developed by our client, Elekta, in association with their MR technology partner Philips.

Elekta's MR-linac combines high-field 1.5 Tesla MR imaging and precision radiation therapy. Both technologies are well established on their own, but they each have basic technical requirements that conflict, and which have prevented them from being integrated into a single device – up til now. This now means that clinicians can confidently see and track the tumour as well as difficult to visualise soft tissue anatomies and adjust radiotherapy treatments in real time, allowing it to be more accurate than ever before.

We’ve really enjoyed helping with the patent work on this and its precursors. Elekta is justifiably proud of what is has achieved. You can read more on the BBC news page, courtesy of Health Correspondent Fergus Walsh. [Image used in this newsletter courtesy of Elekta]

We love to get involved with new inventions, new products and new ideas. If you would like any advice about patents or trade marks then please do get in touch.

Christmas Wishes

And finally, I'd like to thank you for reading and would like to extend my sincerest Christmas wishes to you all.  I hope you enjoy the holiday season and have an inventive New Year!

Michael Downing

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