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Bring us your Egg-citing ideas

At Downing IP, we are experts in the patent system and routinely help our clients to find out whether their process, design, or new invention can be patented. We then guide them through the process of making that happen.

For example, we are currently helping a Canadian client to patent a new egg box design in the UK. Their innovative design makes it easier to get the eggs out of the box by pushing from underneath, and also catches the drips from any eggs that break in transit. Customers like the easier extraction method, and retailers appreciate not having their stock spoiled by leakage. Previous attempts to achieve this have all been rejected by the retailers, but this inventor has solved that problem with a small but significant design change.


If you know of a company or individual who has an egg-citing idea (sorry, we had to!!) and needs help with the patent application, please put them in touch with us and we will be happy to tell them more about our patent services.
Happy Easter from all of us at Downing IP.   

Until next time.

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