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10 years - how are we doing? Let me know


I’m in reflective mode today, because it is nearly ten years since I set up Downing IP.  The anniversary will be on 1 May, which is not long now.  It’s a useful opportunity to pause, take a look around, and check that things are as they should be. 

So one thing I’m doing is to look at our processes for renewing IP rights around the world on behalf of our clients.  This has led to an in-house cost forecaster which will streamline our internal processes for generating reminders and estimates for clients – and of course it needs to be loaded up with the relevant cost information so that has created an opportunity to look for the best rates that we can secure for clients.  Ten years ago, we didn’t have many IP rights on our records to renew so it wasn’t a priority – that’s no longer the case!

I’m also keen to look over the standard of service that we give, and in that respect I’d like to hear from you.  Did we meet up to your expectations?  Was our advice comprehensible and on point?  If you used our services, how did it work out from your perspective?  What would you have liked us to do differently?  If you referred someone to us, were they happy with the interaction?

If you didn’t use our services, why was that?  Did something put you off?

I know there are a number of readers who secured their IP right some time ago, so we might not have spoken recently.  How is the invention/brand/product getting on?  I’d (genuinely) be interested to hear.

Please be frank!  I promise to read every reply…

Replies to michael@downing-ip.com

Until next time.

Michael Downing

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