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Turning Iconic Patents into Wall Art

Deciding what to hang on the wall is never an easy choice. Unless you’re an art collector and rotate pieces often, finding that ‘perfect’ photograph or painting can take months. If you’ve been looking for that final touch to make your home office or workshop more unique you might want look at purchasing patent art.

According to EU Business, companies from the UK filed 6,823 patents at the EPO last year with +4.8% the highest growth rate for the UK since 2011, and well above the 1.2% average increase of the 38 EPO member states.

The world of intellectual property has increased, and with it a new-found appreciation for patent art.

If you did a search on Google or Amazon you’ll notice many patent drawings have been released online. Most of them are within the public domain which means there are no copyright laws subjected to their use.

You can purchase pictorial representations of patented inventions ranging from current technology to many decades of historical innovations. Many are detailed drawings which seem like the work of a master draftsman. Patents Wall Art offers hundreds of the finest Patent Art prints dating back as far as the 1800′s, right up to the late 1900′s

Beautifully detailed diagrams and illustrations range from classic toys—such as Lego bricks, the Slinky, and the original Barbie doll—to legendary inventions like the light bulb, first Apple computer, monopoly board or the first jet engine. The vintage patent drawings for these magical inventions have now become works of art and are well sought-after for homes and offices around the world.

So they take different patents and make them into wall art, imagine knowing how things are actually made and you have the formula!

If you have an invention that you would like to patent, for confidential advice you can contact our Intellectual Property experts on 01494 422626 or fill in our online contact form.

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