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OX to Africa – a unique and very worthwhile crowdfunding effort

OX to Africa – a unique and very worthwhile crowdfunding effort

The OX is a vehicle that Downing IP has helped secure the patents and trademarks for around the world.  It is the world’s first flat-packed truck, which means that the truck can be sent to where it is needed in standard shipping containers and assembled easily on-site.  Once assembled, it is a truly off-road-capable vehicle that can deliver essential supplies where needed, not just where the roads lead to.  We’ve been really excited to see the project develop, and it’s now at the point where the Global Vehicle Trust and Gordon Murray Design are fundraising to send two trucks for testing in Africa.  We’re supporting the crowdfunding effort, and we certainly commend it to anyone else. You will find details on how to donate below.

Six years ago, the Global Vehicle Trust (founded by Sir Torquil Norman) and Gordon Murray Design (founded by leading automotive designer Professor Gordon Murray) embarked on a project to create a vehicle that could change lives through a revolution in mobility.

Too often, the transport of food, water, medicine and people in the developing world is dependent upon unreliable transport and uncertain availability. These vehicles are often unsuited to local conditions, are too heavy, too complicated or too expensive to maintain. It is a major problem which requires a humanitarian solution.

The result of the collaboration between the Global Vehicle Trust and Gordon Murray Design is the OX – an all-terrain lightweight truck designed to tackle the transport crisis in the developing world. Its revolutionary flat-pack design makes delivery fast, efficient and inexpensive. The OX can carry a payload of nearly two tonnes, seat up to 13 people, carry eight 44-gallon drums or three Euro-pallets. You can find out more by visiting


Ox to Africa explain: "Since we revealed three prototype vehicles in 2016, the OX has won plaudits from across the automotive and transport industries. Now we need your help.
For the next phase of development, we want to put this flat-pack truck through a live trial on the most demanding terrain in the world. That’s why we’re launching a crowdfunded effort to initially raise £450,000 to send the OX to Africa.

Crowdfunding enables anyone to donate to the mission, but we need our friends and supporters to share the news about our endeavour to help make that happen."

If you’d like to find out more or share news about the crowdfunding effort, please visit

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