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Establishing a new Office in Dublin

Establishing a new Office in Dublin

We’re delighted to say that our Brexit preparations are now complete; Downing IP will be able to continue representing clients before both the UK and European Offices, at the same level of quality and with no increase in cost to our clients. 

In addition, we can now represent clients before the Irish Patents Office, filing patent applications, trade mark applications and registered design applications. 

This is the result of a steady effort by Downing IP staff, based on Michael’s joint British/Irish nationality. We have established an office in central Dublin (pictured), with Michael now dividing his time between there and Beaconsfield. Michael has qualified as an Irish trade mark attorney, meaning that his registration as an EUIPO representative will survive whatever form Brexit takes. 

As you may know, the European Patent Office is entirely independent of the EU, so Brexit will have no effect on the ability of British attorneys to file European patent applications. So together with Michael’s continuing EUIPO registration (enabling him to file EU-wide trade mark and design applications) Downing IP can carry on providing the same level of service to our clients – based entirely on in-house expertise and without the need to rely on EU27-based associates. 

If you have existing EUIPO rights that are being handled by other UK agents, please let us know. We are more than happy to take over representation so that you can be assured that lines of communication are short and efficient. We don’t charge for taking cases onto our records, so just let us know and we’ll suggest a way forward for you. 

Our new office is located at:

Suite 87
20 Harcourt Street
Dublin 2
DO2 PF99
Republic of Ireland

[All photos courtesy of The Office Suites Club, Harcourt Street, Dublin City Centre, Blackrock, South Dublin].

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